Well, here we are on the world wide web. It’s been a long and exciting road. That’s a lie, I can’t back that up. In actuality it’s been a reasonably short and uninteresting road. The comic had been germinating for quite some time before it finally made it to print in “The Nexus“, the Camosun College school paper.

The initial drawings and designs came about in January of 2004. They went through a lot of flux before they reached their current incarnations. Perhaps in the future we’ll post some of the preliminary designs, if there’s any interest. Granted, since our readership consists of possibly 4 people outside of our immediate circle of friends, the likelihood is that anyone interested in seeing such designs has had me shove them in their faces more times than they care to remember at this point.



Actually, the design for that thing on top of the building is from some older art work Pagz did for Nintendo back in the early 80s. That design is probably a bit more mature than the rest.