blog avatar2016-12-08

Oh my god everyone! Thanks to a generous grant from the Mom is worried you don’t have enough warm winter clothes Foundation, I am currently wearing the most comfortable socks ever.

I had forgotten what comfortable socks felt like! I’ve been wearing standard, cheap no-name-get-the-job-done socks for so long now. I haven’t had nice socks since I was a teenager, back when my mom was the one buying my socks.

As an “adult”, every time I’ve looked at the good socks, I’ve never been able to justify the cost, so I’ve never bought them. Yesterday though, my wonderful mother sent me money to get warm clothes for myself, and so I splurged and got the fancy socks.

I tried a pair on when I got home, to make sure they were okay before unwrapping all of them.

Oh. My. God. Is this what I’ve been denying myself in the name of frugality for the past 20 years? It was like sticking my foot into a warm, fluffy cloud of comfort and forgiveness. Suddenly, all of the wrong I’ve done in my life seemed to be washed away. My feet were warm and nurtured and everything was going to be fine.

Then I had to take them off cuz the packaging says I need to wash them first, so into the laundry they went, but now they’re out and my feet are so happy.
I’ve been poor most of my adult life. aside from some brief periods of financial security, I’ve not made particularly good money. As such, I have become accustomed to skimping on many things. Usually food and clothes. As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve come to find that there are just certain items you do not skimp on. My list is short:
Toilet Paper
I now add Socks to the list. Never again will I cheap out on socks.