blog avatar2016-07-29

I play a lot of Wrath of Gems. I’m not much for mobile games, and most I delete within minutes of installing. All I really want from a game on my phone is to find that perfect balance of mindless and strategy that’ll keep me interested, but not obsessive. For a long time my go-to game on my phone was solitaire. Other games would come and go, but solitaire was my constant.

Enter Wrath of Gems, a star Trek themed tile matching game. It has 3 different styles of play: Space Battle, Hand to Hand combat, and Diplomacy. They are all based around a tile matching mechanic, but use it in different ways. I really dig it.

The thing about Wrath of Gems though, is that it seems like the people writing the scenarios and stories for the game may not have a very firm grip on Star Trek lore. Or possibly they’ve never even heard of Star Trek, that seems equally possible. Some of the stuff that shows up in the game is ludicrous, but it just adds to the charm for me.

Hey Wrath of Gems team! If you need a story editor, I’m your guy. I work for money!