Is the title of a Village People album. I think it’s the one with “In the Navy” on it. Or rather, the first of probably several if you count anthologies and greatest hits compilations. Our friend actually has a DDR dance pad like this, and it is pretty fun to play. You just have to draw the curtains tight so as no one spies the embarassing reverie. There’s nothing hotter than a couple of out of shape dudes sweating and prancing around in their socks. To the casual outside observer who would stare in the window to see you doing this, it would probably look like a nerd cavorting around as awkwardly as at the high school dance: self-consciously girating around in some corner, or huddled close together with other nerds for safety near a wall or speaker.

The reality of the situation is much different. What that person staring in the window is actually seeing is a nerd dancing awkwardly with their computer, only this time when the nerd clumsily asks for the computer’s phone number between nervous pants (maybe brushing up against its butt or chest by accident/on purpose), the computer bats its eyes seductively and replies: “sure honey-dip… why don’t we continue this conversation somewhere a little more sexified? Say, the internet, in about 14 seconds?”

Smooth, homes.