blog avatar2016-11-08

Hey America!

Today is the big day. Just remember, if you’re thinking of voting third party because you don’t like Clinton: No one is going to be thanking you, nor applauding your moral fiber on Wednesday when Trump wins because you split the vote. The people who are going to find themselves at significantly greater risk under Trump will not sympathize with your distaste for Clinton.

It is unethical and immoral to “vote your conscience” without regard for the consequences of that. The greater good is considerably more important than your discomfort. No third party candidate in the history of the United States has ever won the presidency, it will be no different this year.

You only have two choices: Trump or Clinton. Republicans are notorious for voting party over Country, their vote is very unlikely to be split. That means that a vote for anyone besides Clinton is truly a vote for Trump, and a vote for Trump is morally and ethically indefensible.

Now is not the time for a protest vote. Now is the time to utterly crush Trump and every evil, vile, disgusting thing he stands for. Now is the time to send the message to his followers, emboldened by his presence, that America is not about hate and racism, and that you will not allow those ideals to rule your country.

If you don’t like Clinton, I feel for you, but vote for Clinton anyway. And after you vote for her, don’t forget to vote Democrat down your ballot to wrest control of your senate away from the Republicans, who have abused their powers so egregiously as to have made the current senate the least progressive and most ineffective in the history of your country.