blog avatar2016-10-17

First things first. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my friend Kate Beaton who very kindly promo’d my comic this weekend on Twitter. I super appreciate the exposure. Truly there is no overstating the value of a recommendation from an established artist.

I am returned from Vancouver! Things didn’t go exactly to plan alas. The weather reports were such that we were expecting a big storm over the weekend. As such I opted to come home early instead of marching in the parade. Rain and Proton Packs are a poor mix. Next year I’ll be living in Vancouver, so I’ll be able to take part much more easily.

The Ghost concert was awesome. I had a really good time. The unfortunate part about the “meet and greet” package however is that, while you get to meet the band and get your photo taken with them, this comes at the cost of losing your place at the front of the stage. I managed to get pretty close to the stage upon my return to the main theatre, but it wasn’t as sweet a spot as I had had for the opening act.