blog avatar2016-12-05

Only 10 more days until Star Wars Rogue One! Oh, and 20 until Xmas, if you’re in to that kind of thing. I definitely am. I’ve been getting my place all festive. I took you pictures, enjoy!


img_20161201_153007 img_20161201_154910 img_20161201_154933 img_20161201_154947 img_20161201_155045 img_20161201_164401 img_20161201_171833 img_20161201_171854 img_20161201_172057 img_20161202_134720 img_20161202_134734 img_20161202_134747 img_20161202_134800 img_20161202_141153 img_20161202_141307 img_20161202_141328 img_20161204_145446 img_20161204_145502

Happy Holidays!