blog avatar2016-09-12

I’ve been bald for a long time now. Since 2008 I believe. I started losing my hair when I was around 20 or so. It’s an odd thing really, my internal mental image of myself still includes hair. When I dream, I have hair. And yet most people who know me can’t picture me with hair, even those who knew me when I still had it.

There are a lot of advantages to being bald. Never having to fix your hair is the biggest of course. No more haircuts. No more bedhead. Sleeping in later because morning prep doesn’t include hair styling. It’s pretty sweet.

There are also plenty of disadvantages to being bald. A lot of people negatively judge you for it. You get made fun of for it. It’s cold in the winter. When you sweat there’s nothing to catch it, and it makes you look like you’re out of shape. Hats feel weird. No one can run their fingers through your hair. That’s easily the worst part.

If someone ever cures baldness, I’ll be first in line. Until that day, I don’t mind not having to deal with hair anymore.