Stargate SG:1 is one of the finer science fiction series that has graced television in recent years. Or such is my contention. Foley hasn’t really watched the series, so he doesn’t generally venture an opinion on the series, aside from his affection for one Richard Dean Anderson. But then, who doesn’t love MacGyver?

What I find particularly interesting is that the series far surpasses the film. The film was a mildly diverting action flick which failed in every conceivable way of living up to the potential of its premise. More interesting still is the fact that the makers of the film really dislike the series. Not that I hold the opinions of the makers of Godzilla ’98 and Independence Day in particularly high esteem, but I think it’s amusing that they could be so bitter that others have taken their idea and turned it into something so much more than what they did.