blog avatar2016-08-15

The natural world is full of wonders and mysteries beyond count. Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Platypus, the majestic Jackalope, Trump supporters, the list is practically endless.

I am a nature documentary junkie. There are few things I enjoy more. Recently I got a hold of the complete Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau and it is utterly fascinating. The best part has to be that it’s a window into the past. Filmed between ’68 and ’75 it’s a view of a whole different world. The fashion aboard the boat is probably the funniest and most perplexing thing. Everyone is essentially wearing either speedos or what we would in later years come to refer to as “Dasiy Dukes”.

Some acquaintances just returned from their honeymoon in Paris, and I was horrified to learn that there are some public pools in Paris which have a very strict ‘Speedos Only’ policy. Nasty.