blog avatar2016-11-04

Scary times friends. I never thought we would be in this position. I truly believed that Trump would never become the nominee. I mean how could he? Never in the history of the United States has such a categorically unqualified person been the nominee of one of the major parties. It’s truly shocking.

I’m Canadian, I live in Canada, so I have to watch and wait with the rest of the world. America, we’re all very worried about you. I honestly don’t know what I find more troubling: Trump becoming the President, or the knowledge that the only way that can happen is if there are considerably more horrible Americans than I ever thought possible.

Even if Clinton wins, unless it’s a landslide victory, which seems unlikely at this point, the damage to America’s reputation has already been done. It’s going to take many years to repair the damage this election has done. More if Trump is the winner.