Happy birthday Leish. If Pagz really could have obtained Iron Man’s suit, he would have done exactly this. He really liked this movie, actually. He ‘likes’ a lot of films, really – watching films more often than he eats dinner. Iron Man seemed to really catch his fancy, with at least 11 confirmed viewings. It’s sort of like discovering a new pasta or something… let’s say you discover lentil curry for the first time. You might overdo it a bit, eating it a bunch of times right away. You have to cool it on the lentils for a while, but ultimately they get added to your list of favourites. I guess that’s where he is with Iron Man. Where does it rank amongst his favs of all time?

For the record, I saw it once. Was confused why anyone would make a Marvel movie without a cameo by Ant Man, or preferably GI-Ant Man.