So wouldn’t it be fun if to switch jobs with one of your friends for a day? I think the problem with most jobs in general is that the novelty of the task wears off so quickly and is replaced with a sense of hopeless, soulless, crushing monotony. Not the best thing to think about while restocking the margarine shelf, or trying to up-sell a customer on a three-year in-store warranty, or explaining to your computer illiterate bosses why changing from Java to “dot-net” can’t be an easy and swift change no matter what the banner ads at say.

Imagine how fun it would be to simply try out a successive series of jobs, menial or not, provided that money wasn’t an issue, and you would only do any one for a short period of time, perhaps only a day or two. I wonder if there is a vacation industry waiting to emerge here: job tourism. I certainly wouldn’t want to try selling used cars for a living, but I’d love to try it for a day or two, knowing there was no real pressure to make ends meet. That could be really fun. Besides, getting fired could be part of the fun. How stress relieving would that be to be able to tell shitty customers just what you really thought of them.

“What was that ma’am? You’d like to return a product with no receipt that you bought over 6 months ago? Well sir-ee, around here that calls for a paddlin’.”