DISCLAIMER: There is no evidence that Chris Pine has ever actually been seen in the vicinity of either a Hollister clothing store or your mom.

We desperately need to do a better job upholding the mantra of ‘fair and balanced’ reporting. There’s been far too much of this, and insufficient levels of Star Trek for my tastes.


What can I say about the new movie? Excited? Worried? Excitedly apathetic? The few still shots that have been released look interesting, though the enterprise bridge looks a bit like something from Galaxy Quest. It’s hard to judge anything just from the ‘look’ of the cast. For all we know, Spock talks in jive and Sulu spends the entire film in search of a Louis Vuitton holster for his phaser. At this point we know next to _nothing_ about the actual content of the film. All there is to go on are the initial impressions you get from a couple of still shots. The pictures can’t tell us that the film will be great, but they sure can make you worry.