Everyday there seems to be a another story reported about someone destroying their television, house, home and body whilst playing their newest Christmas joy, the Nintendo Wii. If you own a Nintendo Wii and you haven’t yet broken at least shattered your pelvis, then you might get the impression that you’re doing something wrong. I’m here to assure you: you’re fucking this up!.

You should immediately and without hesitation get yourself in on the sweet Wii Strap recall and get yourself a hardier strap for your controller. If not you’re liable to eviscerate you and everyone you care about simply by trying to have fun. Hang your head in shame you lowly dog.

Sweet new cord
If you’ve never seen the Interstella 5555 series, it is pretty fun. The whole thing is viewable on youtube. Basically it’s a movie with no sounds or voices, just the music.