Reality rears its ugly head once again in the narrative! Don’t pretend like you don’t love it. We have a script for a comic that we wrote weeks ago that work and school and various things keep interfering with. I was wrenched from slumber’s sweet embrace at the positively barbaric hour of 2 in the afternoon for a consultation by Pagz on some finer nuance of whatever the devil it is he is studying. Alchemy? Extispicy?

Needless to say, when I went to check to see if this week’s comic had been uploaded I didn’t quite know what to expect. Comedic tales or sheep entrails? Ok, I promise to never try to rhyme again.

Seriously, what the hell is Rex Morgan talking about? People can’t afford medical care? HILARIOUS


Best. Name. Ever.


Wow. Just wow. I mean, I’m assuming his parents speak English. If not, all bets are off. But seriously what the hell? Now ok, I’m guessing it’s not pronounced how we immediately read it, and maybe, just maybe it wouldn’t occur to the parents at first when they thought of the name just what it might look like when written down, but they would have HAD to have written it down when they filled out a birth certificate!. With a name like this, it’s no wonder that the dude had to play not only football but LINEBACKER to re-masculate himself. It’s either that or wrestling kodiak bears barehanded as well as bare chested. If there is a higher power out there and it has any sense of humor at all, Lucious will play in the NFL.