The neti pot isn’t actually that bad. I expected it to be a lot worse than it actually was. It’s mostly just mildly uncomfortable. However, in researching the neti pot so I’d know how to use it properly I discovered a number of things that were quite concerning. For instance, used incorrectly, a neti pot can FUCKING KILL YOU. Holy shit! And you know who didn’t give me any directions at all on how to use it? My doctor.

Not only did she fail to tell me that I must only use distilled or sterilized water (meaning water boiled for 5+ minutes) but she also was going to have me make my own saline solution by mixing salt (she didn’t specify what kind) and baking powder (or was it soda?). Looking back on it now, I find that quite disturbing indeed. Had I followed my doctor’s instructions I could have fucking killed myself. Yikes.

Now, I’ll grant that the chances are relatively low, but still, no one wants “Neti Pot” listed as their cause of death. Anyway, I’m done with the neti pot now. It’s served it’s purpose and I’m just not comfortable with its use. Having to sterilize it after each use is nerve wracking. I am always paranoid I’ve not done a good enough job and my next use will kill me. That’s no good.

I’d say I’m bout 80% recovered now. mostly just a persistent cough that’s sticking around. I’m hoping to be better by Monday.