I’ve never really discussed my mental illnesses in the comic before. I have a number of them: Major depression disorder, Generalized anxiety disorder, Social phobia, and Panic disorder. It’s a treat and a half let me tell you.

I’ve explored numerous medications to help treat these issues, but unfortunately, all I ever seem to get are the side-effects, never the desired effects. So I gave up for a while, decided I’d try to manage things with diet and exercise. That was moderately successful, when I was doing it, but the thing about depression and all those other maladies is that when they flare up, you stop doing things like going to the gym, or eating healthy.

Recently it’s been getting pretty bad. To the point that I don’t even enjoy drawing anymore, I dread it. Obviously that’s no good when you make a comic for a “living” (he said laughingly because this comic brings in a pitiful amount of money). So I’ve been back to the doctor and we’re going to try to find something that works. I’ve been on a new med for about 2 weeks now. Thus far nothing. In fact it was so bad this weekend that I barely got Monday’s comic done at all. Maybe it just needs more time. Fingers crossed.