I am finally starting to get better, at long last. Thank you antibiotics, you’re swell. I’m not 100% yet, more like 42%, but that’s considerably better than I was all last week. With any luck, I’ll be back to normal by Monday and I can get back to the gym. It just figures that I’d get deathly ill right as I was getting back into the whole gym thing.

I have what comic book fans and a number of my friends refer to as The Parker Luck. For instance, let’s take inventory of the past 4 days:

  1. Computer dies, trapping Monday and Tuesday’s comics.
  2. I was unable to reach Foley to help me as he was in LA.
  3. My electric kettle dies.
  4. My old Wacom tablet proves to be too old to work.
  5. Upon hooking the cintiq up to my regular computer, I spend over an hour trying to find a driver that will work for it. It’s 7 years old and no longer supported by Wacom.
  6. shortly after finding a working driver, my wireless mouse begins acting up. I initially assumed it was a driver conflict, but removing the cintiq driver did not solve the issue. I have concluded that the mouse is simply wearing out, and the timing was merely coincidental. The left click on the mouse no longer functions reliably.

It never rains but it pours. Oh well, what can ya do?