Illness persists. Also computer troubles. I’ve currently got my cintiq connected on my regular computer (I do the comic on a computer dedicated solely to its production). It’s a pain in the ass to disconnect and move around. Also, its driver disc is trapped inside my non functional computer, and finding a working driver for it was a nightmare. My cintiq is a little over 7 years old at this point, and it’s well out of date. The only driver I could find that would work was from 2010.

Foley has returned from the States, and is currently diagnosing the problem with the computer. It is either the hard drive, or the motherboard. Thankfully, he got the computer running just long enough for me to save the trapped comics to a thumb drive, but the computer immediately bricked thereafter.

With any luck things will be back to normal soon though. working at my regular computer is hard on the back (I have to sit on the floor) so I’ll be happy to get my art computer back up and running.