blog avatar2016-10-12

There are few things I enjoy more than a good pun. In my time I’ve known two great Pun Masters. Giants in the annuls of Pundom. Puns came to them the same way breathing comes to the rest of us. I remain forever awed by their beautiful minds.

The first of these Punmaster was my first girlfriend’s father, Mr. Wong. Never before nor since have I encountered such a prodigious punner. I haven’t seen him in nearly 13 years now, but his puns live on in my heart forever.

The second great Purveyor of Punishment was my friend Ben. I met Ben at The Comics and Graphic Novels Program at Camosun College run by friend of the comic Ken “Value Added” Steacy.  Easily my favourite part of the program was being in the presence of Ben and his puns. They were glorious.

For a brief time we collaborated on a comic together. Alas, distance (and laziness on my part) saw that endeavor fizzle out, but who knows, perhaps in the future the mighty Dino and Squid may join forces once again.