blog avatar2016-10-13

Some of you may not be familiar with the band Ghost. They’re a Swedish metal band and they’re awesome. I find it hard to describe them succinctly, but they have referred to themselves as a “Scooby Doom” band. They are very theatrical without taking themselves too seriously. All the members of the band are anonymous, hidden behind masks and make-up. We only know them as Papa Emeritus (the lead singer) and his band The Nameless Ghouls.

I’ll be in Vancouver this evening attending their concert, and I’m super excited. I rarely go to concerts. I’ve never been much of a music guy, but I’ve been crazy about Ghost since Jared introduced me to them some time back.

I’ve always been very shy about sharing my musical tastes. Growing up a fat, socially awkward kid, music was just one more thing to be wrong and get ostracized over. The few attempts I made to share in my peers’ love of music ended in disaster (Vanilla Ice anyone?) so I learned to leave the world of music well alone. I didn’t buy albums from bands, I bought soundtracks. Those were safe to my mind.

Anyway, it’s exciting for me to have, at long last, a favourite band. When I return I shall have stories and photos. In the meantime, here is the song/video that introduced me to Ghost, a fun pastiche of 70’s horror movies (specifically Carrie) where the band is played by some kids performing at their school’s talent show. Enjoy!