blog avatar2016-09-23

I’m not sure why, but as a general rule I try to make my comic avatar as close a match to myself as possible. If you ever see me out in the big wide world (a highly unlikely prospect given my hermit status) you will probably notice that I’m dressed pretty much exactly as I am in the comic (except that I occasionally have other shirt colours besides red).

One thing I haven’t done though is include my tattoo on my comic avatar. There’s one simple reason for that: It’s a total pain in the ass to draw. However, I’ve decided to experiment with it. I’ve drawn my tattoo from a few angles, and I’m going to see whether I can just drop those into my artwork and just resize and rotate them a bit as necessary. I don’t know if it will work, but we shall see.

My glasses have also not made it into the comic for some reason. This is less about laziness and more about just finding that adding glasses interferes with my facial expressions reading easily. But who knows, perhaps in the future even my spectacles will make an appearance.