We really have no idea what Konami was thinking with this. As a video game icon, Bomberman ranks just a shade below Mario, Link and Sonic. If you’re going to completely change the look of your franchise character, all I can say is that you’d better do a damn good job. There are really plenty of “hardcore” looking characters out there in video game space, why the hell would they mess with what has worked up until now? Really, just call the game something else if you want to make it look like this.

For reference, this is what has worked for the bomberman franchise for 20 years and countless successful titles.

Now, who thinks it would be a good idea to switch to this all of a sudden? Seriously, what the shit is this? If people aren’t buying your game, it’s not because they’re aching for you to give the iconic main character a makeover to make him look like some retarded ‘hardcore’ FPS sprite. It’s because your game is probably shit, with no offline multiplayer option.