Sometimes these things really are a matter of perspective. For the record, country music still sucks.

There’s a video floating around the ether of an enterprising young IT initiate (his page said he made his discovery whilst attending MCSE certification courses) tricking a vending machine into giving him several bottles of pop/soda/coke for the price of one. It is one of those machines that has an arm with a conveyor belt on it, and in the video our hero successfully wrests 2 beverages from the machine for the normal single fare. Impressive, but let me say that I have had no success so far in replicating his success.

technique, but in a nutshell, you are supposed to block the door that the conveyor belt arm opens to unload the drink and then wait for the machine to let you make another selection while the first drink is still sitting on the conveyor belt. This time you will get both drinks when the door opens. Well, the trick really depends on the machine letting you make another selection for free, which is not what has happened the couple of times that I’ve tried it, but who knows? I suppose results will vary from machine to machine. The machine that he dupes in the video is the exact same type that they have on BC Ferries. I would love to be able to report that there is a way to soften the blow of the normal $2.00 per bottle price that they charge on those damn boats. If anyone manages to make this trick work, by all means let us know. A gold star shall be yours!