Well kids, here it is, our first full page, full colour comic. Feast your eyes on it’s splendor. Gape at its glory. Soil yourself at its magnificence. Okay, don’t do that. This will be appearing all summer long in the “Discover Your Campus” Magazine available all summer at Camosun college campuses everywhere. This is the last of the printed comics until September when the Nexus will once again be back in print. Never fear though, our adventures through pop culture will continue here on the interweb all summer long!

While making this comic, Foley and myself found it completely impossible to not speak the narrative lines in that old-timey narrator kind of voice. Check out old time Strong Bad at for an example what I’m talking about. And once you start using that voice, you just can’t stop. It’s like a kind of disease, infecting your vocal patterns with awesome.

“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” hit theaters today, and I will be checking it out tomorrow with the lovely Aliesha (pictured with me at the bottom left quadrant of the comic). I sincerely hope that it’s good. Long have I waited for my most beloved of books to finally make the leap to the big screen. You can look forward to a Hitchhiker’s inspired comic and a review of the film in an upcoming installment of Non Stop Pop.

Word to your heraldry.


Get your own material.


“Word to your heraldry”? First he steals my old-school-by-now line and then he deletes my post where I chastise him for it! I don’t even remember what put down I originally used to insult him here. Shitronella.
Hmmm… reading this comic again now, it looks like I really like lists of things with three things in them. What can I say, it was really late and we were up against our only really serious deadline ever.