Some people will go to any length to get their favourite characters to read their fan fiction. So let’s just say that you’re a ghost of tv-past summoned from the ethereal plain just so that some bored jackhole can bounce ideas off you for new episodes of your long-dead tv show. What do you do, Keanu? If you’re MacGyver I guess you sit there and take it like the Man you are until the creative process just flies off the rails and descends into lunacy. Then you bust out the radio made of an egg carton and a paper clip, and you bring the ruckus. That’s probably what Dennis Hopper would do too. Either that, or get coked out and make another Super Mario Brothers movie.

This is a colourized retreatment of a comic that appeared in the paper almost exactly a year ago now. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been doing this all that time. Hopefully we’ll come up with something equally succulent this christmas holiday.