blog avatar2016-06-26

I think I shall forever be shunned for my love of the filet o’ fish. It seems to be just me and the geriatric crowd that savour this oceanic delight brought to us by the arches of gold. Certainly Foley does not see the appeal.

The filet o’ fish is weirdly non-fishy tasting. Perhaps that’s the first warning sign right there that all is not as it appears. Certainly I’ve often noticed that, when I get frozen breaded fish filets from the likes of Captain Highliner, they taste distinctly, and not exactly pleasantly, fishy. Not so of my beloved filet.

The next thing which seems to cause consternation is the addition of cheese. Fish and cheese not being a noted pairing. I get it, I wouldn’t think of pairing any kind of fish with any kind of cheese either. And yet it works gloriously on McDonald’s aquatic masterpiece.

I’m not going to lie, talking about the filet o’ fish has now awakened an insatiable hunger. I must leave you now, and make the jump from dreams to reality.