blog avatar2016-09-30

This has been bugging me for a while. It seems that Walmart Canada does not operate like it’s American counterpart. As a toy collector I listen with jealousy to my friends in the states as they talk about the great discounts they get at their local Walmarts. It seems in the States, it’s a very common practice. It’s even part of their advertising campaigns, they call it the roll-back I believe.

Canada does not enjoy this privilege. Here, even when something moves to the clearance aisle, its price often doesn’t change. Allow me to pose a dramatic example:

Back when Star Wars The Force Awakens was released, Hasbro put out a “Legendary Yoda” animatronic toy. It was stupid expensive. Its initial retail price was $197.99. It did not sell well because of the price tag. It warmed the shelves for some time. Then, Walmart America put it on clearance. I’ve seen reports (with receipts) where They were blowing them out for as little as $25 a pop.

Here, the Legendary Yoda sits in Walmarts clearance aisle, now priced at $197.97. 2 cents off it’s original price. Thanks Walmart, you’re much too good to me :p