blog avatar2016-08-26

I’ve never really been a sports fan. Even Hockey, which I recognize as the greatest of all sports, I only think is “okay“. You may infer from that my position on all other sports. And if I don’t enjoy playing sports, you can bet that I like watching them even less. There is a certain amount of excitement and enjoyment to be mined from watching someone who is good at something doing that something well, but having no real connection to sports, that enjoyment is limited.

Video Games though, that’s a whole other thing. Video games I get. I understand them and I enjoy playing them, even though I don’t play games enough to consider myself a “Gamer” or even an enthusiast. Watching someone play a video game well I find very entertaining indeed… depending on the game. I’m honestly surprised we don’t see televised video game events often, it’s long overdue. Certainly other countries have figured it out, I expect it’s only a matter of time before North America does too.