blog avatar2016-08-29

Anthony’s inclusion in the comic has been imminent… since 2004. I’m sorry it took so long buddy. Today’s comic is based on a true story. Some time ago now I came across a bunch of my old Star Wars figures. They required a good cleaning, and afterwards I set them in my dish rack to dry. It doesn’t see a lot of use since I have a dishwasher. And there they stayed.

I host a movie night at my place every Thursday evening, and so for months Anthony would come over and always see my Star Wars toys sitting in the drying rack. At long last he finally asked me why. Did I dirty them sufficiently each week that they required cleaning? The real answer was that I’m lazy and had no where to put them. Personally though, I prefer to imagine the scenario where my Star Wars figures see so much use that they require weekly cleansing.