Call me skeptical, but I can’t see this tasty beverage remaining on store shelves for the long haul. Our hometown seems to the last place in North America to actually start carrying the damn concoction, so pardon our tardiness on dissing it. From what I understand, Coke BlaK (I wish I could make that ‘K’ even bolder… can someone please invent double-capitalization?) has been available in retail stores since the end of August in Canada and since April in the US. I have yet to read a truly positive review, but we did conduct our own personal taste tests here in the NSP laboratories. Consensus: the drink contains perilously high levels of ass.

It’s probably fair to say that we don’t consider ourselves connoisseurs of too many things, but cola is one of the few. I’m not at all a fan of the ‘light’ soft drink movement. I’m referring to the recent trend of companies producing drinks that contain a mix of both sugar and aspartame, meaning they have half the calories of a convention drink, but supposedly the same great taste. Balls. I’ve yet to meet anyone who is convinced. The aspartame taste is still completely noticeable in spite of the sugar. This drink tastes mostly like a vanilla coke with a coffee taste kicker. Oh yeah, and that same damn artificial sweetener taste that is present in EVERY DAMN DIET DRINK EVER MADE. I think you either can tolerate the taste, or you can’t. Masking it with one flavour or several (like Coke BlaK, or the new Pepsi diet-raspberry-vanilla-diet-cola, Pepsi Jazz), does NOT get rid of the aspartame taste. If you like the sound of Coke BlaK, do yourself a favour: try it, and once you are disgusted, just go back to doing what people have been doing for decades: put some REAL coffee in your REAL coke.