It was the blurst of times to be sure. Breakfast, much like revenge is a dish best served piping hot, hold the margarine. I would have bet my life on the fact that that particular spread was spelled m-a-r-g-E-r-i-n-e. I am error.




blog avatar2016-06-25

Hey everyone, Pagz of 2016 here. This comic was written in a time when the R word was still in fairly common use, even to the extent of having been used prolifically in an absurdly popular Black Eyed Peas song 2 years earlier. Oddly, it was never a term I ever used to refer to people with any kind of impairments or disabilities, but rather to situations, things, or ideas. However, while I never used the word to denigrate those groups, I understand that others did and continue to do so. You may rest assured that word will not return on Nonstop Pop! but I felt the need to address it. If this eleven year old comic offends, I understand, and I promise to do better.