Ok, so Halloween was a few fortnights back, but this comic appeared in the paper on time for the holiday. It just takes a little while to get the newsprint version onto the internet.

We have a special ‘device’ that accomplishes this task for us. We slip the newspaper clipping along with 3 ounces of fresh beetle nut into the receptacle bowl of a living machine that refers to itself as The Huguenot. The Huguenot will then proceed to shudder and shake violently for the next 3 months all the time emitting a piercing series of shrieks that sound similar to two cats fighting in a dark alley. The Huguenot must not be touched or otherwise disturbed in any way during this time lest it release a savage cloud of neuro-toxic gas. Finally, after months of tension, a small service hatch will open at the bottom of The Huguenot, and out will extend a small phallus-like extension which will ‘copulate’ with the nearest wall socket, spraying the fully colorized, digital rendition of our comic strip all over the internet in a process top scientists describe as ‘horrifying’. After this The Huguenot will whimper and cry to itself for several hours before it is ready to begin work on the next comic.



… unless you’re going to dress all hot and stuff, ladies. We’re cool with that.

this comment was ghost-written for Geoff by a highly-paid team of image consultants